Why Buy Property In Mauritius


  • Peaceful, multi-ethnic with a unique blend of culture
  • Recent changes allowing non-Mauritians to own property, live, work and retire
  • Opportunity for foreigners to receive Mauritian residency
  • Excellent International schools and growing number of tertiary institutions
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure
  • Impressive track record of political stability and more than 3 decades of economic growth • Open to foreign investors and skills
  • Tax benefits
    No exchange controls between South Africa, Africa and Mauritius
  • Preferential market access to Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia and the USA
  • Convenient time zone (GMT +4)
  • Bilingual (English and French) with English as the official language • Free and business-friendly country in Africa
  • Secure Investment location with established rule of law
  • Close proximity to South Africa/ Africa
Star Shells Mauritius

Mauritius is continually reinventing itself.  By leveraging its strategic position at the crossroads of Africa, Asia and Australia, Mauritius is gradually transforming itself into a hub and an international jurisdiction for investors in search of security, transparent regulation, and high value-addition. 

Over the years, the economy has been successfully metamorphosed following a smart shift from a mono-agricultural model to a diversified, innovation, driven and knowledge-based economy, underpinned by a broad spectrum of business activities. 

With its rich history and a mix of various cultural traditions, Mauritius is a privileged country to live. An attractive and thriving place for business with an incomparable art de vivre, Mauritius is home to the citizen of the world.

Right partnerships between foreign capital and local businesses have resulted in outstanding economic success. The opening up of the economy has had a favourable impact on the growth rate of the country with increased transfer of technology, knowledge, talents and capital.

In its pursuit to become a high-income economy, Mauritius is actively encouraging foreign talents, know how and investment into the country. 

Whether you are an investor, a professional, a self-employed or a retired non-citizen, there are a number of compelling reasons to consider Mauritius as your location for doing business and living.

Residency Permit for non-Mauritians

A USD 375 000 and above real estate purchase affords the purchaser and their immediate family Mauritius permanent residency. (Options of buy to rent for chosen periods are available to further enhance the investment benefits) The residency is in tact for a as long as the property is owned.

Ref to FAQ for more information and be in touch if you would like to engage with one of us


Pure Investment Property Purchase

A minimum MUR (Mauritian Rupee) 6000 000-00, or its equivalent convertible in any other freely convertible foreign currency, real estate purchase in a three-level residential apartment development is now possible to non-Mauritian citizens.

(Options of buy to rent, for chosen periods, are available to further enhance the investment)
These options do not afford the purchaser’s residency.

Ref to the FAQ for more information and be in touch if you would like to engage with one of us

Also, see Retirement and Premium Visa information under FAQ