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Immelda Manning


lmmelda Manning settled in Mauritius in 2009 ex Johannesburg South Africa after a career in the corporate services sector. lmmelda has 28 years’ experience in the fields of Sales and Marketing / Customer Excellence and was a director of a large listed company in Johannesburg prior to relocating to Mauritius.

ln addition, lmmelda brings 5 years’ experience of the property in Mauritius to the team and has applied her customer focused career success to assist many fellow South Africans to make the right choice in selecting location and property for residency purchase and/or pure investment property.

ln a competitive market, lmmelda and her team understand that in order to excel, there is a clear need to deliver the best professional service and to walk the extra mile with each and every client – well beyond a sale.

Client testimonials reflect the above and beyond experiences.

“Our team will make sure the overall experience is as professional, complete and convenient as possible / the team has complete understanding for the guidance that is required when an investment in property and lifestyle is considered outside of one’s country of residence”

lmmelda has applied her own needs 12 years ago to guide others to consider paradise – Mauritius.

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